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Guitar Setup

For each stringed instrument purchased over $299 we provide a basic overall cosmetic, structural, and electronics inspection performed by our in house guitar tech.

For all guitars over $799 we will provide a thorough inspection and a full setup. Our in house technicians will make sure your instrument is in great playing condition when it arrives.


Tuning Machines

  • Check for burrs and smooth operation.


  • Check for proper slot width, depth, and overall build quality.

String Tree(s)

  • Ensure screws are tight and check for burrs.



  • Check fretwork for quality and functionality on each fret.

Truss Rod

  • Ensure truss rod functionality and smooth operation.


  • Set low action without any fret buzzing.



  • Check and set pickup height.

Tremolo System / Bridge / Tailpiece / Stop Bar

  • Check for smooth operation and set proper height.

Strap Buttons

  • Check for tightness.


Knobs and Switches

  • Check for functionality, smooth turning, and noiseless operation.


  • Check solder joints for quality and functionality.


  • Check for cosmetic issues from head to toe, nose to tail.
  • Check playability for buzzing and smooth action.
  • Check and set intonation on each string.
  • Final tuning.
  • Final clean and polish.

Unboxing Your Instrument

When your new instrument arrives, please follow these instructions to ensure a great experience…

1. Resist the urge to open the box immediately.

We ship instruments all over the world from our sunny Southern California shop. Chances are good that where you live is drier, wetter, warmer, colder, or some combination of those, than it is here. Drastic temperature changes can impact an instrument's setup, so we advise that you bring the box indoors and allow it to slowly acclimate to its new environment for 24 hours before unboxing it.

2. Tune it up!

Due to said climate changes (climate changes are not a hoax!) your new instrument may not be in tune when you first get it un-boxed. This is completely normal.

3. Rest easy, we've got your back.

If there is anything you don’t like about your guitar, don’t worry, we’ll get you sorted out.